New and Used Tires

When it’s time to purchase a new set of tires for your car, it soon feels like a daunting process. From locating your preferred makes and models to seasonal specials, and more, you need a trustworthy tire store near you.

All too often, even a single replacement tire can cost more than what you had expected, leading to buyer’s remorse. However, without an affordable tire shop that you can rely on, you will likely spend more than you must.

When you choose us at Moe’s Tires, we always make sure you receive the highest value possible each time. Whether you need replacement wheels, tire alignments, affordable purchases, and more, we manage it all for less for area drivers.

With several 2 convenient locations and helpful repair staff, we always provide a better value time and again. Contact our stores today to schedule your maintenance needs and save more on reliable tire repairs and purchases.

New Tires

  • Regular vehicles
  • Trucks
  • SUV’s

Looking for affordable good condition used tires?

There are many times when buying used tires is the right choice. You may be planning to trade your car in soon. Or, maybe just one or two tires are worn or damaged, and you want to match the wear on your other tires instead of buying new. As a service to our customers, we stock thousands of high quality used tires and like new take off tires from major brand tire manufacturers like Michelin®, Goodyear, BFGoodrich®, Bridgestone, Firestone, Continental, Toyo, Nitto, Perelli, General Tire, Yokohama and many more. We offer quality used tires cheap in nearly every size and in complete sets of 4, pairs of 2 and singles. We inspect each and every used tire to be sure they will perform and, of course, we install and balance them at NO EXTRA COST with new rubber valve stems and adjustment of any TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) as necessary.

As the new tire prices continue to increase, many people who are looking for cheap tires are choosing to save hundreds of dollars by buying cheap, high qualityused tires instead. We have literally THOUSANDS of used tires for sale and it would be impossible to inventory or display them all on one website. Feel free to stop by or call us at (650) 877-0707 to check tire size availablity and pricing.

For more information or to check if we you have your tire size in stock, give us a call today at (650) 877-0707